About Us

Schuster Ltd., a Yail-Noa company, specializes in manufacturing and supply of flexible and rigid pressure piping for diversified applications, including process industry, transportation, aerospace, food and pharmaceuticals.

A team of skilled professionals provides our clients with consulting and engineering oversight services, from design and charting to prototyping and serial production.

Extensive knowhow and polished production technologies, developed in dozens of projects over long years, enable us to achieve high product customization to client requirements, as evidenced by our tailor-made creative and flexible products, that make use of advanced, precise pipeline bending and welding technologies.

Schuster's state-of-the-art technologies, strict quality assurance and high quality raw materials ensure optimal, fully-guaranteed products for our clients along with dedicated service throughout the process.

Schuster Ltd. is ISO 9001:2005 certified.


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